NEW EAU STER is petroleum services in the field of environment protection, the main activities are relating to water treatment, waste oil and drill cuttings, hiring equipment, transport of dangerous goods …
NEW WATER STER is the first mud treatment company in Tunisia.

NEW EAU STER was founded in 1998 under the name TERRANOVA, before processing the name EAU STER, and more recently in 2006 to NEW EAU STER.
NEW EAU STER has a long experience in processing, cleaning, transportation of dangerous goods
She has an approval by the Ministry of Environment and Lasting Development No. 08-2006 dated on April 14, 2006.

Our company has succeeded in a short period of customer loyalty renowned national and international missions always told us the most difficult with any assurance of being fully satisfied.
Our clientele represents areas of very different activities, demonstrating our ability to fully integrate into any environment, as different as they are.

In our business, our company carries out work on behalf of large companies such as ENI TUNISIA BV, PIONEER, ANADARKO, CFTP, STORM MARETAP, TRAPSA, CTKCP … which show our best service.